Tampa Bay Artist - Ariel Perez

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Just outside of town beyond the blueberry fields, you’ll find Tampa Bay’s treasured artist, Ariel Perez.  His warm smile welcomes you and his contemporary appearance makes it evident that he’s an artist.  Inside, the space is lined with his stunning 5’ paintings bathed in window light which brings out every color and texture.  Ariel’s Cuban accent, and the hint of “fire in the eyes”, draws you to the man and his work.  He is unique, born in Havana, Cuba, and educated at the Institute of Industrial Design, majoring in fashion. He fell in love with his wife when they were teenagers living in Cuba, and in 1997 they married and currently reside in Odessa, FL.  Making jewelry, shoes, and clothing were his profession in Cuba, now it’s his stunning paintings and piano coffee tables.  He said that his mind is always designing and creating, and his work is how he expresses himself.   


What will truly blow your mind are the Piano Coffee Tables he’s created.  Musicians and non musicians alike will be intrigued to see tables that are art, containing the inside components of a piano, viewable under glass.  Each table is sui generic, and that in itself will guarantee you’ll have a personal favorite as there is a piano coffee table created to suit every taste.  Ariel started creating these tables in 2014 after he was making arrangements to have an old piano removed from his home when a friend suggested he do something with the cast iron plate, and the rest is history.  To experience Ariel Perez’s Art; www.arielperez.com.  Photography by Shiree Annette Photography; www.shireeannette.com



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