Arriving in the Bangalore slums I wasn't sure what to expect. The streets are narrow with many turns, and the neighborhood was poor. We had to walk a few blocks to get to the school, and it was very interesting. The slums are like their own village, with people selling different necessities and food. As we're walking the people stare at me, I'm very strange to them. I’m used to this in India. I smile a little and nod "hello" now and then and they get a sense that I'm kind. We arrive at the school, a three story narrow building. The stairs are cramped as we go up to the second floor classrooms. It is hot inside, and the walls are dirty and worn with age. The space is full of little children in two cramped rooms. They are learning their lessons and working hard. At lunch time the children have lunch on the third floor and sit in three rows on thin mats and receive their food. It's a very good place for the children to be.
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